With the ever-changing landscape of the retirement plan industry, having clear insight is critical to the profitability and growth of an advisor's business.

RPAG’s Advisor IQ helps advisors identify gaps, reveal opportunities, and make better business decisions. Advisor IQ™ is a suite of revolutionary data aggregation and business intelligence dashboards for advisors and their firms. The dynamic dashboards give advisors holistic data visualizations, allowing them to drill down into their client, plan, asset, and investment data, helping to produce actionable insights.

Business Intelligence: Unique Differentiators

Business Intelligence Unique Differentiators

The Advisor IQ™ dashboards aggregate retirement plan and asset data for every client in your book of business, giving you compliance and data oversight.

Additionally, the dashboards give advisors a powerful workflow management and practice management platform that helps increase sales and firm-wide profitability.

The dynamic dashboards include:

  • Assets Under Management
  • Clients & Plans
  • Upcoming Meetings & Tasks
  • Firm Revenue
  • Prospect Pipeline
  • Fund Utilization
  • Play Types
  • Provider Usage
  • Plan-Level Services
  • Client Deliverables
  • Data Feeds
  • And more!

Advisor IQ works in conjunction with RPAG’s data integration service, Plan Asset Link (PAL), to gather plan-level data from over 100 service providers, as well as RPAG’s entire suite of investment, fee benchmarking, target date suitability, stable value comparison, plan design, provider analysis, and client management systems.

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