While we’ve always been a service company at our core, we believe that great service coupled with great technology will drive the best results for advisors and institutions. Our knowledge and experience gives us the ability to innovate creative solutions and develop powerful technology. This gives our members a unique competitive advantage, allowing them to grow their businesses at unprecedented rates.

It’s becoming ever more difficult for plan sponsors to differentiate the quality, experience and expertise of retirement plan advisors. Advisors are looking for unique differentiators that help them get in front of more prospects, easily show where they are different and offer solutions that their competitors cannot deliver on. Well, look no further that RPAG Custom Solutions Suite.

  • Exclusively priced investments that are unrivaled in the industry
  • Holistic sales and marketing resources and technologies that make prospecting and client communications easy.
  • Integrated Financial Wellness solutions that get you in front of more employees and easily show your value to employers.
Elite Advisors

Elite Advisors



Service Providers

Service Providers

Financial Wellness

Most Financial Wellness Programs have fallen short and left advisors out of the equation. WellCents™, powered by RPAG, is built specifically for the advisors needs.

Has an off-the-shelf financial wellness program fallen short of your expectations? Have high-fees and low-utilization caused client dissatisfaction? We’re disrupting the traditional financial wellness program model and helping advisors drive new revenue with WellCents™!

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Sales & Marketing

The RPAG Resource Center is a comprehensive, easy-to-use document hub that makes running your retirement business easier.

More than 400 marketing, educational and informational retirement-related documents can be accessed online and delivered to clients, prospects and plan participants. Many of the resources are FINRA-reviewed and can be branded with your company name, logo and contact information.

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Custom TDFs

Our efficient and personalized investment path selection process offers participants a flexible, yet simple step toward achieving their highest retirement savings potential.

flexPATH is the first custom target date solution with multiple glidepaths as well as both index and index+ management styles. It offers the best-in-class, open architecture manager selection and is a cost-effective solution that gives participants a new level of choice for their target date funds.

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Exclusive CITs

Whether you’re a member of a big-box wholesaler or an elite RPAG member, access to low-cost products comes with the “card”. While we’re not serving up samples in the isle and dollar-fifty dogs, we are serving up exclusively priced investments from the industry’s top fund managers. Our robust suite of single manager, core lineup CITs are available on just about every provider platform and are 25% less expensive on average than their mutual fund equivalent.

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