Our program provides resources to help identify potential weaknesses in a plan and remedy those weaknesses through education, diligence, and improved processes.

Retirement plans require prudent governance by plan sponsors and fiduciaries. RPAG developed the Fiduciary Fitness Program as a well-designed decision-making process to confirm and document proper roles and execution of responsibilities in a prudent manner.

Program Goals

  • Identify plan fiduciaries and understand the extent of their specific responsibilities
  • Attempt to comply with ERISA §404(a) and §404(c)
  • Document the hiring process for service providers
  • Identify parties of interest to the plan and take steps to monitor transactions
  • Understand major exemptions under ERISA that permit transactions with parties of interest
  • Review plan documents in light of current plan operations and make necessary updates
  • Comply with reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Ensure that individuals are properly bonded and covered by liability insurance and more

Best Practices Approach

The Program offers a holistic approach to fiduciary best practices and encompasses key deliverables, education, and documentation modules:

  • Fiduciary Diagnostic™: Demonstrates what plan sponsors and fiduciaries need to address and document plan management responsibilities
  • Fiduciary Plan Review™: Examines plan design and documents

Prudent Processes

  • Education Modules: Contains 20+ education modules on topics ranging from fiduciary responsibilities to employer securities, real property, and mergers & acquisitions.
  • Documentation Modules: Create positive evidence that fiduciaries’ activities meet their responsibilities under ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code

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